A Day at the Movies

Sometimes the best things to do are right on your doorstep. And that couldn’t be truer for me this weekend. Hertsmere Borouh Council brought back Park Events, screening an open air cinema in our local park. And best of all it is completely FREE! We took my niece up on her scooter to watch Boss Baby in the afternoon and pitched up again in the evening with our picnic for The Greatest Showman (a great film!). Albeit Macy’s attention had started to wear thin by the time the Greatest Showman was on. It made me think, there’s so many different open air cinema’s popping up now and you can see why people want to capitalise on them because they’re so popular. But this event has to be our fav because it is purely set up for the love of film. My day-in-the-park outfit? A casual jumpsuit was the perfect choice. The weather was hot and whenever I am with Macy at some point I am going to be on the floor playing with her or running around after her so a dress just doesn’t cut it. Thanks Hertsmere Council! If you are local enough, check them out at: https://www.hertsmere.gov.uk/parks–leisure/parks–open-spaces/parks-events.aspx

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