Outfits from the Movies

My number 1 source of fashion inspiration (ok besides Pinterest) comes from my love of film. Some of my favourite films have the best wardrobes, so here our my top ten movie (and TV) outfits! 10) Carrie Bradshaw’s Wedding Dress The Vera Wang wedding dress was a showstopper, literally. I paused the show to get a proper look. Love it or hate it, it was iconic.
9) Andie Anderson’s Yellow Dress Kate Hudson lived up to her mother’s name in that stunning golden silk gown from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
8) Katniss Everdeen So it may not technically be real, but if fashion ever did produce a dress that could create fire, I am buying it!
7) Clueless Ok for pure iconic value I have thrown this one in there. Pleated check skirts and high knee socks may not stand the test of time, but who didn’t want that electronic wardrobe with the outfit matcher?
6) Jenny Cavalerri Swoon… beyond the Love Story did anyone else notice how amazing Jenny’s style was. I want that coat!
5) Age of Adaline There’s no better film for timeless fashion inspiration than Age of Adaline. It just goes to show that Blake Lively can pull off any decade.
4) Rose Dawson It may not be the obvious choice from Titantic but Rose’s entrance suit is my favourite! You cannot beat a black and white pin stripe.
3) LBD from Indecent Proposal Demi Moore’s black cut out dress grabbed all our attentions in Indecent Proposal, showing that money can’t buy love but it can buy a gorgeous Thierry Mugler dress.
2) Wonder Woman’s Disguise Outfit Besides the obvious jaw-dropping ball gowns and costumes, did anyone else love the supposedly inconspicuous brown suit Gal Gadot wore in 2017’s Wonder Woman?
1) Serena and Blair There is no way that I could write this list without the all-mighty fashion bible that is Gossip Girl. And there is no way that I can narrow it down to just one outfit so…I pick them all xoxo

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