Big Adventures with my Little One

School’s out and that means I get to spend time with my favourite girl Macy. Macy is my sister’s little girl and she is a ball of energy, so trying to keep her entertained on a budget during the holidays can be a challenge. She just doesn’t seem to tire out! I’m not quite sure how my sister keeps going (lots of Redbull and Coffee I suspect); Steph has her days where patience is a swear word, but she’s an amazing mum and everyday I am inspired by her strength. So this break we gave Macy free reigns over summer holiday activities, and we’ve already ticked the first few things off her list:
  • A scary movie and pamper night (because sometimes all we want is a girls night in): I managed to track down a copy of ‘Are you Afraid of the Dark?’ (who remembers the meetings of the Midnight Society)  and we made a fort with lots of snacks in the front room. And when an episode got too scary we painted our nails and put on face masks (the face mask was Macy’s idea, but it did take several attempts to get it on her 😊)
  • A camp in the garden: next on the list was a night in a tent. Steph set up a cosy nest in the garden with lanterns and duvets, and I believe this now their permanent place of residence!
  • Rock climbing: When I thought my little adventurer couldn’t surprise me any more, I was invited to go rock climbing with the pair of them. We spent the morning climbing the high walls of Vertigo in Harlow Leisure. If you’re looking for recommendations of things to do this Summer I would for sure recommend Vertigo: 
Still to do:
  • Natural History Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Outdoor cinema
  • The local library’s reading challenge
  • Learn to ride a bike without stabilisers
…Wish us luck!