It’s been a long hot summer

Its been one of the hottest summers on record and I think I can safely say that 50% of my time was spent dredging out my closet to find something to wear. Don’t get me wrong I love this weather, but I was just not wardrobe-prepared for it. I often found myself looking for something that was going to keep me cool and not give me tan lines. Plus I cannot maintain a beach body 24/7 (I simply enjoy food too much) so clingy maxi and midi dresses are out of the question! Oh, and finding something to wear to the office…. don’t even get me started of that. I pulled out my box of holiday clothes, that usually sit in my suitcase until, well I go on holiday. But everything in there is either too ‘beachy’ or too ‘I am going out for sangria and tapas’. So, after searching long and hard for the perfect occasion outfits, I’m hoping to pass on some wisdom with my top five fav heatwave styles:
  • The Office:
A mid-to-long length skirt teamed with a loose fit top is the perfect combo to keep comfy and still look like a boss! A black skirt is always a classic and teams up well with a white top or introduce a bit of colour to suit the sunshine with a pastel skirt.
  • The Shops/ The School Run:
I need something that I can throw on with minimal effort required…enter the playsuit. I spent ages looking for a playsuit that does not ‘ride-up’ or does not require ‘wriggling in to’. I want something loose-fitting and something that is not going to break me out in sweats before I even leave the house, so my tip is to order a size up.
  • Takeaway night in:
Comfort all the way! Baggy trackies or shorts and a casual tee. If you want to make a bit more of an impression, trousers and a vest says ‘chilled but still stylish’.
  • Drinks with the girls:
A jumpsuit will never let you down. It’s cooling when you’re in a crowd, comfortable and can be styled up with a bit of gold accessorising. Alternatively, I love a simple oversized tee with bare legs – be bold and get those beautiful pins out!
  • Date Night:
Trousers all the way. There’s something that makes me feel so confident when I wear long high waisted trousers to accentuate my legs. I usually go for colour on the bottom half with a plain black or white tee, then I doll it up with a good clutch.